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Flohmarktvorbereitung läuft auf Hochtouren

March 20, 2011

Nächstes Wochenende ist es soweit. Mein Mutter und ich werden zu Flohmarktverkäuferinnen! 😉 Das heisst, dass die Vorbereitungen auf Hochtouren laufen und es in unserem Büro bzw. Lagerraum aussieht, als ob eine Bombe eingeschlagen hätte. Ich war ja bis jetzt immer nur Besucherin auf Flohmärkten und deshalb bin ich schon sehr gespannt, wie ich mich auf der anderen Seite des (Klapp-)Tischs machen werde.

Ach ja, der Flohmarkt, den wir mit unserer Anwesenheit beehren werden ist der  “Floh- und Antikmarkt 27. März 2011 beim Wynecenter Buchs AG”. Über Besucher freuen wir uns natürlich sehr, vor allem, wenn ihr uns Kaffee mitbringt! 😉

Und so sieht zurzeit unser “Lagerraum” aus…

Kisten, Kisten, Kisten:

Auch eine Wasserpfeife ist im Angebot

Und natürlich Taschen, Taschen, Taschen:

Und sonst noch Bücher, Schals, und eine Katze! 😉


Presenting BIOKOSMA

March 7, 2011

As I posted before, I really like natural cosmetics. Recently, I’ve bought a day cream by BIOKOSMA and because I like it so much I thought I’d post a short presentation on the company. And no, this is NOT a paid review! 😉





BIOKOSMA offers natural swiss cosmetics. They exist since 1935 and traditionally only produce natural cosmetics.

They offer anything from face care to body and hair care. So pretty much all you girls (and guys) could need.

Here you can find their website and products:

The product I’ve bought is the Moisture Fluid. It has a nice consistency and doesn’t smell weird (contrary to the new Garnier “BioActive” line – more on that another day). No, I does actually smells nice and it is absorbed really quickly. So many plus points!

Winter/Spring Combo

March 3, 2011

Winter/Spring Combo
Winter/Spring Combo by missbonica featuring chino shorts

budgeting for Spain & NYC

March 2, 2011

yes yes, I know, I’m very lucky. This weekend I’m flying to Spain for a short break (Zara at about 30% less than in Switzerland). And in April I’m off to Washington, Boston and NYC with a study program at university. Therefore: either I need a job or I have to budget really, really carefully not to come out totally broke out of these two trips.

Luckily, in Spain I won’t have too much time to spend money. Cannot say the same for the US, though….

Personal favorites in NYC from my last trip:

Urban Outfitters

They STILL charge 40 GBP shipping costs to Switzerland. I think they have a lot of nerve! it is a total rip-off:

Republic of Ireland

£8.95 2-3 Business days
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands
£10.95 2-3 Business days
Italy, Slovakia, Spain
£12.95 3-4 Business days
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden
£15.95 4-5 Business days
£30 6+ Business days
Norway, Switzerland
£39.95 6+ Business days


Forever 21

Fashionable and very cheap. Therefore perfect for students… maybe not the best of quality 😉







American Eagle Outfitters

Great casual wear. Good price and decent quality.

Zara Online Shop in Switzerland – Update

March 1, 2011

Here we go! I’ve found confirmation for the fact that the Zara online shop will be available this coming Thursday in Switzerland! wohoooooo! 🙂

check the news from FoxBusiness here!

Review Lipstain “Brick” by PonyHütchen

February 28, 2011

I’ve already written about PonyHütchen and their candy cosmetics. A couple of weeks back I bought the Lipstain “Brick” by PonyHütchen and since then I’ve been using it regularly.

Firstly, I love the little case it comes in, very old-fashioned! Just as I like it! 😉 Secondly, you only need a tiny little bit of it to colour your lips and it actually stays there forever (almost)!

Therefore: Very recommended. Check the online-shop out here, there are other colours available.

Zara Online-Shop in Switzerland?

February 27, 2011

Can that be true or am I misinterpreting this image? 🙂