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Gloves Gloves Gloves

December 6, 2010

Winter is here and what is best suited for the 6th of December than to talk about gloves.

Some say that gloves go back to prehistoric times. Anyway, from the 13th century onwards gloves were worn by ladies as a fashion accessory usually made of silk or linen. It was not until the 16th century however, that gloves really became popular, when Queen Elizabeth I started to wear them.

As you can see, gloves have a long history. Nowadays they’re usually worn in winter and made of thick wool or leather. My favorite pieces I’ve found on the web you can see here:

First there are the cosy ones:

Snow Queen Gloves by LoveAndKnit

Chunky String Mittens by Topshop

Faux Sheepskin Mittens by Topshop

Lowie Nordic Fair Isle Mittens by Urban Outfitters:

Then there are the “trendy” ones (not really made to protect you against the cold) 😉

Black Leather Strape Detail by Topshop again


And the gorgeous vintage ones:

by RenaissanceProfessor

by ScottieinaCanoe

All there’s left to say: Happy glove shopping! 🙂

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