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looking forward to a spring in the past

December 11, 2010

I’m going to have a quick look at one of the, as they say, trends for next spring:

The 60s coats are back. So we can look forward to a colorful, swingy spring. Not sure yet, whether I am going to buy one myself; tight budget and all that. but I’m definitely liking the idea, since I’ve recently started watching movies from the 60s and I’ve fallen in love with the style… looks better on screen than on me, though. I’ll leave it for the the braver ones! 😉

And by the way, there’s already some coats out there made for the winter season. So if you can’t wait for spring:

ASOS 60s Bow Pocket Coat

ASOS ’60s Swing Coat

now, when I think about it. I do actually have a winter coat that is a bit 60s inspired. really cool and I bought it 2 years ago at I’ll upload a pic when I get a chance.

Now, I am curious to see whether this trend will take off or not. spring will tell I guess.

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