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My Bathroom’s turning Green

December 17, 2010

Why is it that my bathroom is turning green? Slowly but surely have arrived shampoos, shower gels, face creams, masks, etc. that are advertised as “green” (whatever that means in the end). I don’t seem to be able to resist anything that says: does not contain parabens, no artificial fragrance, with aloe vera (an absolute favourite).

Is it just me?

One of the products I’ve bought recently are the Essensity products by Schwarzkopf.

The Essensity line does not contain artificial fragrances, silicones, paraffin-/mineral oils and parabens. I’ve tried it and I am really happy with it. My hair feels lighter and does not get greasy that fast.

One of the classics is of course LUSH. Lush, in my opinion, makes amazing bubble baths and recently I’ve tried out some of the face masks. They have an incredible range and it is hard choose. The perfect choice for the winter months is the Oatfix mask. It contains, as the name suggests oat but also bio bananas, vanilla, and more.

So, what is your favorite “green” cream, mask, shampoo?

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